Saunabuilder is a premium handcraft construction firm specialized in design and custom build for saunas. We manage every detail seamlessly from concept to on-site construction.

Owned and operated by Andrew Robertson, a journeymen carpenter with a red seal endorsement who has been committed to pursuing excellence in his trade since 2003.

Andrew’s interest in sauna construction stemmed from his youth at the family cabin on Lake of the Woods in Ontario. The cabin had no running water so the lake served as the main bathing facility, regardless of temperature. Fortunately for the Robertson family they added a sauna 25 years ago. The rest is history, Andrew has been hooked on saunas ever since!

Andrew’s vision is to bring the lakeside sauna experience to every homeowner that shares his passion.

Sauna Builder is a small firm, and we believe our small size contributes to excellent customer service. We focus resources on each project, give each client undivided attention, and produce quality craftsmanship in a time-efficient manner. Clients are provided clear and direct lines of communication, with ONE contact. That consistency eliminates risk for misunderstandings and ensures your voice is heard loud and clear.

Saunabuilder is based out of Calgary and services a territory that includes all of Western Canada plus the Lake of the Woods region in Northwestern Ontario. If you live in this territory we won’t hesitate to travel to your location to build your one of a kind, handcrafted sauna, cut and constructed on site!