CS2 Composite Deck


Composite Entryway Deck


These homeowners had a conventional set of concrete stairs at their front entrance. While the structure of this was sound the appearance was not flattering and they were looking for a more artistic solution to enhance the look of their home.

Fortunately the existing front walkway did not need to be replaced so we were able to tie into this.

The perfect solution

Composite decking has the ability to enhance any outdoor living space.

Saunabuilder had the privilege to design and build a new front entryway for this beautiful home. A collaborative design process between home owner and Saunabuilder created a perfect vision for the new entryway.

We elected to install premium, maintenance free composite decking. Using two different colors of TimberTech’s Legacy decking (Tigerwood and Mocha), we were able to create a high-end product that not only dramatically improved the look of the home entrance, but also tied into the existing colors of the brick facing. We carried the deck across the entire span of the front of the home.

A diagonal decking pattern on the lower section really pops out and adds to the overall great look.

The clever fastener system hides nails and screws, enriching the aesthetic and providing the best possible surface for work and play.

Our business has been built from our reputation and our commitment to excellence.

When Saunabuilder takes on a project, we commit ourselves to the highest level of quality standards. Every step of the process is given our complete attention, from the initial framing stage to the last finishing touch.



Composite Deck