Cold Plunge
Cold Plunge

Cold therapy is essential for any sauna experience. Plunging into your own custom cold tank is the most invigorating feeling that rejuvenates your body and completes the hot cold cycle. We’ve refined our cold plunge design over the years to offer the highest quality stainless steel plunge tub that is entirely manufactured in Calgary and is paired with the best cold plunge chiller that is manufactured in North America.

Stainless steel interior liner
Western Red Cedar exterior
Five different exterior stain colours available
2″ Rigid Styrofoam base insulation
3/4″ Rigid Styrofoam wall insulation
4″ Insulated lockable cover
33”x86”x22” (WxLxH) overall dimensions
28″x60″x22″ (WxLxH) interior tub dimensions
3/4 HP stainless steel chiller with built in circulation pump
50 Micron filter

Starting from $13,000.00 or $163.41/month