Construction Services


At  Saunabuilder, each Residential or Commercial sauna is built from scratch. Our customers have to ability to choose from pre-designed sauna options, custom cut and assembled on site and modified as needed to suit your preferences, or we will work with you to develop a custom design so you get exactly what you need – your perfect sauna. 

A key element to the outdoor sauna experience that’s exclusively offered by our company is the addition of the cedar cold plunge tank. No sauna is complete without the refreshing plunge! 


Saunabuilder’s expertise at building decks is clearly evident, and what’s also obvious is the pride we take in this work. We are comfortable working with all decking materials especially composite and PVC decking. A multitude of design options and endless choice of material offer each client a custom deck tailored to their lifestyle and budget.

Other Services

Complementing our focus on construction of saunas and decks, Saunabuilder timber framed gates and pergolas tie together the style and quality of your outdoor landscape structures, resulting in a unified design and the artistry of superior craftsmanship.

You can also rely on Saunabuilder for construction work for construction of garages, general framing services and renovation projects.

Contact Saunabuilder for a free consultation and estimate on your next project:  403-629-0488.