How we do it

Saunabuilder is skilled at design and installation of outdoor and indoor saunas, incorporating features that allow for easy and safe operation.

To begin, we meet with you to determine what type of sauna fits best with your vision. If one of our pre-designed saunas is a good fit for your needs there is economy in both cost and timing to be gained. If you want a custom design we’re happy to work with you to develop this.

The process to develop a custom design starts with something as simple as sketches made during an in-depth consultation to verify size and configuration and identifying features to be incorporated.

From there we produce a quotation; based on that quote you may approve us to move forward or you may want to make further adjustments to the design to suit your budget and taste.

Next step is to create architectural drawings and acquire permits if needed. Permit requirements are entirely dependent on the size of sauna and the type of stove. In Calgary, any sauna exceeding 107 square feet requires a building permit. Electric stoves require an electrical permit and must be installed by a licensed electrician.

One of the things that sets Saunabuilder apart is our project management skills, devoting attention to accurate scheduling and regular communication.

All construction work is completed on-site, everything cut and assembled by journeyman carpenters quickly and efficiently with minimal mess and disruption. Our method is to be in and out in the shortest time possible so attention is dedicated to one project at a time per journeyman, we do not juggle resources back and forth between sites.

The key is in the details. Saunabuilder uses only premium building materials. Our unique, 7-layer system for insulation and moisture control guarantees excellent performance, retaining heat equally well year-round. Fine craftsmanship is evident in all our saunas, we use traditional joinery and finishing techniques.

Whether you choose to start with one of our pre-designed sauna or a custom solution, options such as a cool plunge pool, wood-burning stoves, attached decks with or without roof overhangs and outdoor showers are all available.

Every owner is entitled to choose between 4 softwood options including clear cedar, knotty cedar, hemlock and pine. We chose these woods because they are more resistant to shrinkage, an important factor in an environment that goes through such heat extremes, making them ideal for longer maintenance-free life. They are also strong, resilient, and low in toxicity once they have been kiln dried.

When work is completed we remove all debris, clean up thoroughly and leave your home or yard in great condition.

All Saunabuilder products are extensively warrantied, including a 7-year warranty on labour and construction plus manufacturer warranties on materials.