Narvi Kota Inari Plus



Kota Inari Plus is the flagship Narvi stove. This new design creates a focal point in the sauna with bold defining lines that showcase the raw beauty of rock and fire. Thanks to the stone grid offered as an optional accessory, old Kota Luosto sauna heaters can be turned in a representative Inari sauna heater.

The environmentally friendly sauna heater heats up with a relatively small amount of wood. The sauna heater has a glass door with a cast-iron frame and adjustable legs.


Technical Information

Sauna Room Size  8-16 m³ 
Height   77 cm 
Diameter 55 cm 
Product Weight  56 kg 
Stone Capacity  60 kg 
Safety Distances   
Sides  30 cm 
Front  50 cm 
Up  128 cm 
Rear  35 cm 



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