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Sauna Builder Alberta

At Sauna Builder Alberta, we craft custom and prefabricated traditional Scandinavian saunas. A traditional sauna can be built inside your home or outside. They can also be mobile and can hook up to the hitch of a truck. That way, you can take the sauna experience everywhere you want to go. Bring them from your backyard to the cabin by the lake you use in the summertime. Saunas are a great way to bring family and friends together. Our saunas are made in Calgary by Red Seal carpenters and can stand up to the rigors of an Albertan winter. But we at Sauna Builder not only serve Alberta but can also ship our custom or model saunas anywhere in Western Canada. Contact us by phone or email, and scroll through our website for examples of the many different and gorgeous saunas we create for people like you.

Creating a Beautiful Sauna in Alberta, Just For You

After choosing your sauna model or a custom design worked out with our carpenters, we will begin creating a beautiful sauna in Alberta just for you. Whether you want a more modern style of sauna or a traditional one, we are sure to have the perfect sauna to meet your needs. And depending on how many people you want to be able to fit in the sauna at once, we can create 1-4 person saunas or more. Having a cabin-style outdoor sauna provides a soothing escape from your daily routine. You can escape to this cedar wood sauna during all seasons. The reason cedar (either western red cedar or eastern white cedar) is due to its ability to withstand the harsh climate of Canadian winters and its very resistant to decay. The scent is also very appealing. However, we can custom-design your sauna with a variety of wood types.

Custom Saunas Alberta

If you are looking for custom saunas, Alberta, then Sauna Builder is the answer for you. We build our customizable saunas to fit almost any portion of your home and are great for new constructions or remodelling projects. You can choose saunas that have viewing windows or that are windowless. You can also choose between a wide variety of wood types, such as cedar, hemlock, spruce, aspen, Douglas fir, or pine. Each has its benefits, from the aroma, durability, and aesthetics of your sauna. Our designers will be able to go over these different wood types and help you choose the best one. You also get to select the size of the sauna, the sauna electric or wood stove, the seating area, and more. Our Red Seal carpenters have designed hundreds of saunas, and we have a portfolio you can browse to find the style of Scandinavian sauna you prefer.

Scandinavian Style Saunas Alberta

Are you wondering about Scandinavian-style saunas, Alberta? Well, a typical sauna is a wooden room or a separate building with wooden benches placed at different levels. The room or facility should have excellent insulation and efficiently keep the heat inside. They should also have good air circulation. The average temperature of a Scandinavian sauna is between 70-100 degrees Celcius, and it uses an electric or wood-burning stove covered with rocks. You pour water onto these rocks to create steam. Providing a softer heat and humidity that varies between 40-60%. These saunas are custom-made into various shapes and sizes and are be built in cities, the country, gyms, spas, and anywhere else if you want to be creative. Some even make them on water! If your imagination can come up with an innovative design, our Red Seal carpenters are always up for a challenge. Contact Sauna Builders today!

Sauna Stoves Alberta

In a Scandinavian sauna, they use traditional wood-burning heaters. We carry Narvi wood heaters for our saunas, and they are popular due to their sturdy quality and aesthetic appeal. All of our sauna stoves, Alberta, come with stones that you throw the water onto to produce additional steam. These sauna heaters are environmentally friendly and only require a little wood to heat the stove to the right temperature. The Kota Inari Plus heater by Narvi has a black cast iron frame. Also, a viewing window to enjoy the firelight ambiance, and adjustable legs. It suits most sauna rooms and carries 60 kg of stones. Another popular sauna heater is the Kota Luosto, which has been used in Scandinavian saunas for over fifty years! With a painted black steel casing, it also has a glass door. This helps keep the stones at the perfect temperature. Call for more information today!

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