Softwood options

Wood is an important factor in your decision for design of your sauna to determine appearance. Saunabuilder softwood options include clear cedar, knotty cedar, hemlock and pine. These woods are strong, resilient, and low in toxicity once they have been kiln dried. We chose these woods because they are more resistant to shrinkage, an important factor in an environment that goes through such heat extremes, making them ideal for longer maintenance-free life.

All options are good, the choice is up to you!


Naturally moisture resistant, durable, and strong, cedar is a popular choice for interior cladding in saunas. Clear cedar differs from knotty cedar is one important way: it has no knots. Knots can be visually attractive for wall panelling and add a rustic visual aesthetic, however; knots heat up in the sauna when temperatures rise and can be uncomfortable to sit on; we recommend using clear cedar on benches.


Hemlock wood is light in colour. It is heavier in weight than cedar and so a little tougher. It is more resistant to shrinkage, giving it a longer usage life compared to other woods and it resists cracking and splitting. Hemlock is also non-allergenic, non-toxic and has little to no wood aroma.


Pine offers a rustic knotty look for at economical price. Pine is lighter than cedar, durable, and ages well keeping your sauna looking light and fresh for years to come.