Top Sauna Trends in 2024: What’s Hot in Calgary

Sauna Trends

As wellness culture continues to thrive in Calgary, the popularity of saunas is soaring to new heights. In 2024, the trends are not only about the health benefits but also about integrating innovation, luxury, and personalized experiences into these relaxing havens. At SaunaBuilder, we specialize in crafting the finest quality saunas, meticulously designed to embrace both traditional values and modern advancements.

Whether you’re considering an upgrade to your existing sauna or thinking about installing a new one, understanding these trends will help you make informed decisions that align with the latest in sauna technology and design. Join us as we explore what’s hot in the world of saunas!

What’s Hot in Calgary’s Sauna Scene for 2024

1. Eco-Friendly Materials and Sustainable Practices

In 2024, one of the strongest trends emerging in Calgary and beyond is the shift towards sustainability in sauna construction. Environmental consciousness is driving homeowners and designers alike to opt for eco-friendly materials that not only guarantee durability and aesthetic appeal but also ensure a minimized carbon footprint.

  • Reclaimed and Sustainably Sourced Wood: Materials such as reclaimed wood or sustainably sourced cedar, hemlock, and spruce are becoming popular choices. These materials are excellent for their heat insulation properties and natural resistance to rot, as well as their environmentally friendly attributes.
  • Energy-Efficient Heaters and Lighting: Energy-efficient sauna heaters and lighting are becoming staples in modern sauna designs. These features not only reduce energy consumption but also lower operating costs. Incorporating smart thermostats that accurately control the sauna’s temperature can further optimize energy use and enhance user convenience, reflecting a commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury.

2. Advanced Health and Wellness Features

The growing emphasis on health and wellness continues to shape the sauna industry, with innovations aimed at enhancing the therapeutic benefits of sauna sessions.

  • Salt Therapy (Halotherapy): One of the hottest trends in 2024 is the integration of salt therapy into sauna designs. This involves using a machine that disperses microscopic salt particles into the air, which are believed to help with respiratory issues and skin conditions, enhancing the detoxification process that saunas are known for.
  • Light Therapy (Chromotherapy): This technology uses various coloured lights to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. For example, blue lighting is used to soothe pain and treat ailments, whereas red lighting stimulates blood flow.

3. Customization and Personalization

Customization remains a strong trend in the sauna market, as individuals seek to create spaces that reflect their personal style and meet their specific therapeutic needs.

  • Adjustable Lighting and Music Controls: Everything from lighting to music can be personalized to enhance the sauna experience.
  • Custom Layouts and Features: Saunas are being designed to cater to personal preferences, with features like integrated benches, adjustable temperature settings, and even aromatherapy diffusers. In Calgary, with its diverse population and penchant for unique home features, personalized saunas are particularly popular.

4. Technology Integration

As technology continues to infiltrate every aspect of life, saunas are no exception.

  • Digital Controls and Connectivity: The integration of digital controls and connectivity features is one of the defining trends of 2024 saunas. Touchscreens that control temperature, humidity, lighting, and even media playback are becoming common. These controls offer users the convenience of tailoring their sauna experience at the touch of a button or even remotely using a smartphone app.
  • Sound Systems: Sound systems designed for the unique acoustics of a sauna environment are increasingly included in the design. Speakers built resistant to high temperatures and humidity can be seamlessly integrated into the sauna’s architecture, allowing users to enjoy their favourite tunes or meditation tracks while relaxing.

5. Outdoor Sauna Popularity

In Calgary, the trend of building saunas extends beyond the interior confines of homes. Outdoor saunas are gaining popularity, providing a perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of the region from the comfort of one’s backyard.

  • Year-Round Wellness Solution: These structures are not only a refuge from the cold but serve as a year-round wellness solution that fits perfectly with Calgary’s adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle. Enhanced with weather-resistant materials and features like external showers and cooling-off areas, outdoor saunas offer a holistic health and relaxation experience that is hard to match.
  • Expansive Views: The design of these saunas often includes large glass windows or entirely glass walls, offering expansive views of the outdoor surroundings. This not only brings the beauty of the outdoors in but also adds to the serenity and relaxation factor, making the sauna session a truly immersive experience.

Embracing the Future of Saunas in Calgary

As we look to the future of wellness and home design, embracing the latest sauna trends of 2024 ensures that your personal retreat is not only a place of relaxation but a beacon of modernity and health.

From sustainability to technological integration, each trend offers unique opportunities to enhance our well-being and align with our environmental commitments. At SaunaBuilder, we are dedicated to transforming these trends into reality, crafting custom sauna experiences that cater to your personal style, health needs, and sustainability goals.

Ready to step into the future with a cutting-edge, customized sauna in Calgary? Let us help you design the perfect sanctuary that embodies the hottest sauna trends of 2024. Your dream sauna awaits—let’s build it together!

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