What we do

At Saunabuilder we build saunas that exceed expectations. Beautiful, energy efficient, high performance, low maintenance and worry-free. And that’s a commitment that we stand behind without compromise.

Saunas can be many things to many people – a great indulgence, a tremendous asset for therapeutic benefit, a unique and outstanding asset to add value to your home. It can be the reason everyone votes to celebrate all special occasions at your house!

Benefits include improved blood circulation, warmth therapy for sore muscles and joints, endorphin release and stress relief, detoxification and healthy skin tone. Heat therapy has been shown to improve the endothelial cells that line every artery in the body resulting in better overall health and functionality.

There are two types of saunas: traditional and infra-red. We primarily build traditional saunas which are larger in size and often located outdoors. Most health benefits are derived from exposure to extreme heat. Infra-red saunas are typically smaller, operate at lower temperature (40-60 degree Celsius) and produce warmth with heat lamps.

Traditional saunas heat the air within the sauna to 70-90 degree Celsius. We’re able to tolerate this heat because the heat produced is dry with extremely low humidity, but a burst of steam created by sprinkling water on rocks can create an exquisite burst of moisture and a sudden escalation in temperatures to stimulate perspiration. Sauna exposure typically lasts 5-10 minutes before a cool water plunge is needed. 

Once you exit the sauna, overheated and dripping in sweat, a dip in a cool plunge tank provides an immediately refreshing experience. Your sweat is washed away, your body is cooled, and then you’re ready for another infusion of deep heat in the sauna.


You can choose from one of our pre-planned designs as a starting point for design of your sauna or we can work together to develop a unique sauna that fits your creative vision for design and function in your space. Every Saunabuilder sauna is customized to fit the site and even pre-designed units can be adapted to incorporate personal preference. If one of our pre-designed saunas is a good fit for your needs there is economy in both cost and timing to be gained.

The process to develop a custom design starts with something as simple as sketches made during an in-depth consultation to verify size and configuration and identifying features to be incorporated.

From there we produce a quotation and based on that you may approve us to move forward or you may want to make further adjustments to the design to bring the budget down or to add feature that you didn’t think you could afford.

Next step is to create architectural drawings and acquire permits if needed. Permit requirements are entirely dependent on the size of sauna and the type of stove. In Calgary, any sauna exceeding 107 square feet requires a building permit. Electric stoves require an electrical permit and must be installed by a licensed electrician.


Every Saunbuilder sauna is built on site using the highest quality building products and the best construction practices. Each project we build is cut and constructed on site by a journeyman carpenter.

Starting with the exterior, HardiePlank siding and LP SmartTrim offer unmatched beauty, endless color options, and maintenance free care. Walls and roof components are built systematically containing over seven layers of building material; this is absolutely necessary to guarantee efficiency, and durability to the highest level of building performance.

The building floor structure is framed from pressure treated 2×6’s and ¾” pressure treated plywood. Walls and roof structure are framed from solid spruce 2×4’s. Interior sauna space is clad with 1×4 tongue and groove softwood of the customers choice. Softwood options include clear cedar, knotty cedar, hemlock and pine.

Floating, furniture grade benches and softwood flooring panels finish off the interior. 

We passively vent all saunas to ensure moisture control.

Saunabuilder saunas are truly designed and built to exceed every expectation and to lead the industry in quality. 


All Saunabuilder products are extensively warrantied, including a 7-year warranty on labour and construction plus manufacturer warranties on materials.