Everest – 6 person outdoor sauna

The Everest is a custom built 6-person outdoor sauna guaranteed to provide enjoyment for family and friends.

The Everest sauna design is similar to the Denali with one important difference. Everest has a timber framed roof with 6×6 cedar posts which overhangs the front deck and cedar plunge pool. A great example of the fine craftsmanship of Saunabuilder saunas, the roof is connected with traditional joinery framing the roof overhang, and finished with knotty cedar on the underside of the roof.

The cool pool is another great feature of this sauna. The hot-cold practice of intense perspiration in a sauna followed by cold plunge pool is amazingly effective to enhance circulation and relieve stress and muscle tension.

As one of our pre-designed models, the layout and engineering for the Everest is complete and ready to install. There are several options available for materials and finishing details, including siding, trim and shingles, so you can customize the look of your sauna.

Saunabuilder’s unique, 7-layer system for insulation and moisture control guarantees excellent performance, retaining heat equally well year-round.

All of our saunas are custom cut and constructed on site by a journeyman carpenter. Because of this, Saunabuilder saunas are not available for self-install.


Everest Design Details

Exterior 3D Model

Interior 3D Model


Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Left Elevation

Right Elevation

Floor Plan Option A

Floor Plan Option B

Everest Features

  • 6-person handcrafted sauna, built on site by journeyman carpenter
  • 2 optional floor plan layouts
  • 7′ x 7′ timber framed roof overhang, traditional mortise and tenon joinery
  • 4′ x 7′ cedar deck complete with custom cedar handrail and stairs
  • 4′ x 3′ cedar plunge pool with stainless steel straps and interior benches
  • 4″ thick concrete pad to support plunge pool
  • Maintenance-free HardiePlank siding and LP SmartSide trim
  • 30-50 year warranty siding & trim material
  • Asphalt shingle roof, 10-year material warranty
  • R14 Roxul insulated walls and ceiling
  • Aluminum foil vapour barrier
  • Softwood 1×4 tongue & groove interior  (4 material options)
  • Furniture grade floating benches (clear cedar or knotty options)
  • Clear red cedar custom door 
  • Walls and roof structure framed with solid spruce 2x4s
  • Floor structure framed with pressure treated 2×6 timbers and ¾ pressure treated plywood
  • Walls and roof include over seven layers of building material
  • Cedar (knotty) floor panels, hidden fasteners
  • Wood-frame, heat tempered double pane window
  • Harvia Topclass KV80 electric stove and rocks
  • Optional wood-burning stove
  • Interior LED light 110v plug in
  • Labour, install, site clean-up and disposal included

Everest Specifications

Exterior dimensions: L X W X H 84”x84”x82”
Interior dimensions: L X W X H 74”x74”x72”

Available Options

  • Siding material
  • Trim material
  • Roofing material
  • Softwood interior options include clear cedar, knotty cedar, hemlock or pine

Available Upgrades

  • Harvia M3 wood-burning stove, rocks, chimney and protective flooring
  • Wall mounted stove controls vs unit mounted
  • Electrical heating system, 1/8 pump and filter for cool plunge pool
  • Outdoor shower
  • TimberTech composite decking, stairs and fascia