Sauna Custom Design


Saunabuilder custom designed models

Whether your interest is in residential or commercial, when you determine that you want a custom designed sauna Saunabuilder will work with you to develop the design to suit your vision, and then work to make that become a reality.

The process to develop a custom design starts with an in-depth consult to confirm the needs for function, size and configuration, assess the space and identify features to be incorporated. From this we develop a quotation.

Next step is to create architectural drawings and acquire permits if needed. Permit requirements are entirely dependent on the size of sauna and the type of stove.

One of the things that sets Saunabuilder apart is our project management skills, devoting attention to accurate scheduling and regular communication.

All construction work is completed on-site, everything cut and assembled by journeyman carpenters quickly and efficiently with minimal mess and disruption. Our method is to be in and out in the shortest time possible so attention is dedicated to one project at a time per journeyman, we do not juggle resources back and forth between sites.