Custom designed residential

Custom fit and professional installation

All Saunabuilder saunas are custom built. We have developed a series of pre-designed residential oudoor design options that you can choose from, offering the advantage that you can see right away what the finished product will look like. Because they are pre-designed, there is a significant saving in time required for design and engineering, and once you select your finishing options you can move ahead to select a date for installation.

If you have a different vision and you want to custom design your own sauna we will work with you to make that vision become a reality.

There are several design key principles that go into every Saunabuilder sauna, making them superior to other products on the market and able to excel in performance in the harshest of weather. From our years of experience, we have recognized that in order for a sauna to be efficient at retaining heat and eliminate problems due to moisture the key is to properly insulate and seal the unit. This applies equally for outdoor and indoor saunas.

Applying these principles, the roof and walls for all Robertson saunas are built using more than seven layers of building material. This is absolutely necessary to guarantee the highest level of building performance, efficiency, and durability.

The roof and wall structure is framed using solid spruce 2×4 members. The building floor structure is framed using pressure treated 2×6 timbers and ¾” pressure treated plywood. Softwood flooring panels are installed over this structure with hidden fasteners.

We are always willing to work with products of your choice, however our standard recommendation for exterior siding material is HardiePlank and LP SmartTrim. These products offer many beautiful color options, 30-50 year material warranties and virtually maintenance-free care.


The interior sauna space is clad with 1×4 tongue and groove softwood. Softwood options include clear cedar, knotty cedar, hemlock or pine.

LED lights are stalled for the interior. Floating, furniture grade benches add both functionality and comfort.

Our standard recommendation for heating is a Harvia electric stove with rocks. These stoves have controls on the unit itself with the option to install wall-mounted controls.

Outdoor saunas can include a window, wood-framed with heat-tempered double-pane glass.

Every Saunabuilder sauna is built entirely on site by a journeyman carpenter using the highest quality building products and the best construction practices.



Saunabuilder saunas are truly designed and built to exceed every expectation and outperform competitor products.

All outdoor saunas can be upgraded to include a cedar cool plunge pool.

Because Saunabuilder saunas are cut and constructed on site, they are not available for self-install.

For more information contact Saunabuilder for a free consultation.  

Standard Features

  • Built on site by journeyman carpenter
  • Maintenance-free HardiePlank siding and LP SmartTrim
  • 30-50 year warranty siding & trim material
  • Asphalt shingle roof, 10-year material warranty
  • R14 Roxul insulated walls and ceiling
  • Aluminum foil vapour barrier
  • Softwood 1×4 tongue & groove interio
  • Furniture grade floating benches (clear cedar or knotty pine)
  • Clear red cedar custom door 
  • Floor structure framed with pressure treated 2×6 timbers and ¾ pressure treated plywood
  • Walls and roof structure framed with solid spruce 2x4s
  • Walls and roof include over seven layers of building material
  • Cedar (knotty) floor panels, hidden fasteners
  • Wood-frame, heat tempered double pane window
  • Harvia electric stove and rocks
  • Interior LED light 110v plug in
  • Labour, install, site clean-up and disposal included