Outdoor Sauna Kit FAQ

General FAQ

Lead times vary from 2 -6 weeks from when you place an order till we ship out the kit.

Four to five adults can comfortably fit in the Anga outdoor sauna kit.

Absolutely!! It’s not a sauna if you can’t pour water on the rocks! The only thing you need to be mindful of is how fast you pour the water on the rocks. The water should all evaporate when it hits the rocks. If you’re pouring so fast that you see water beneath the stove, slow it down and try again!

Yes! Please contact us by email at [email protected] to inquire about the woodburning sauna stove option.

Electric sauna stoves are designed to reach a maximum temperature of 90°C (194°F) as per CSA standards.

Absolutely! We have designed and built the Anga outdoor sauna kit so it performs all year round, even in the harshest of climates.

The Anga outdoor sauna kit can be shipped anywhere in Canada and the lower 48 States.

The siding carries a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. The metal roof system carries a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty and the Harvia electric sauna stove is warrantied for 1 year.

Basic hand tools such as a hammer, drill, and step ladder are used for most of the installation. The ‘ What’s Included ‘ link on Anga webpage shows a full list of the required tools.

Yes, the kit comes with every piece of hardware and associated driver/impact bits. You only need to supply the required tools.


A great deal of care and attention was given to the design of the sauna and the selection of the building materials to ensure your sauna maintains a pristine appearance with minimal effort. The metal roof carries a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty and requires no maintenance. The wood composite siding (including roof trim and exterior corners) carries a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty and should require no maintenance. The cedar accents on the exterior (two deck boards and privacy walls)  have been stained with a semi-transparent stain and do not require maintenance; however, a quick touch-up coat every 3 to 4 years will keep the wood elements looking immaculate.

The only maintenance that the interior sauna requires is cleaning the benches and floor for aesthetics and hygiene. We apply a clear sauna-specific wax to the benches, and floor to help with the cleaning and durability of the sauna interior.

Use a cotton cloth and warm water with a couple of drops of sunlight dish soap to wipe down the benches and floor.


We recommend that you order the sauna kit when you are ready to assemble the unit. Prolonged storage of the sauna kit before assembly can increase the difficulty of installation due to the natural expansion and contraction of wood in different geographical locations.

The sauna kit is shipped in two enclosed shipping crates. Each crate measures 48”x96”x57” and weighs approximately 1300 lbs.

You will be contacted by a third-party shipping company to set up a mutually agreed-upon time to receive the crates. There should be a flat area measuring approximately 8’x8’ where the two crates can be placed. The transport truck will unload the crates using a ramp, a pallet jack can then be used to make minor adjustments to the crate locations.


We offer full installation services within 300km of the Calgary area (electrical connection is not included). If you live outside the Calgary area you have two different options for assembling your sauna kit:

  1. DIY assembly
  2. Hire a local carpenter/contractor

Two adults are required to assemble the outdoor sauna kit. Having three to four adults available to lift and place the upper wall panels and roof panels is recommended.

One person needs to be comfortable working with basic power tools, if you could build a deck or fence you shouldn’t have any problems assembling the sauna. Placing the upper wall and roof panels involves lifting the panels above your waist, the heaviest upper wall panel weighs 120 lbs. You also need to be comfortable working on a step ladder and accessing the sauna roof (92” off the ground) from the ladder. The metal roof installation requires one person to access the roof and install the five roof panels. A professional carpenter/contractor should be hired if you and your assembly partner are not confident in your skill level working with basic power tools or are not comfortable lifting 50 lbs above your waist or working on a ladder or roof.

Yes! We provide a comprehensive written installation manual and video guide that details every step of the assembly process.

This depends on the building code in your area. In Canada, we have a National Building Code that exempts building permits for structures that are under 107 square feet in area. That being said, there are also land use bylaws in most jurisdictions that regulate where structures can be placed. It is always a good idea to call your local building and planning department and ask if there’s any relevant building code or bylaw that applies to installing a 45-square-foot outdoor sauna.

Yes, an electrical permit is always required to connect power from your house to the outdoor sauna. A licensed electrician needs to be hired to connect the sauna stove and lighting system.

Site preparation

To facilitate a smooth assembly and expedite the operational setup of your sauna, it is essential to address the two following items before placing your order:

  • Electrical Consult
  • Sauna Base (Foundation)

A licensed electrician should perform a pre-site inspection before you order the sauna kit. The site inspection should include a load calculation to verify that your existing electrical service can support the draw from the Harvia electric stove.

The Anga sauna kit has the following power requirements

Sauna stove – 240-volt 50 amp circuit (stove draws 37.5 amps)

LED Lighting Package – 120-volt 15 amps circuit (24-watt 24-volt LED driver)

The installation manual for the Harvia Cilindro stove can be found here  (model # HPCS9U1HB)

Multiple foundation systems can be installed to support the outdoor sauna kit. In Canada, the building code does not require a specific type of foundation system to be installed for buildings that are under 108 square feet. If you’re located in the United States, you should check the local building code to ensure a specific foundation system is not required. 

The foundation system that is best suited for your sauna is dependent on the subgrade conditions on your building site. We have included three common shallow foundation systems that are compatible with sites that have firm and stable soils with low water tables.

Option 1 – Concrete Pad

Option 2 – 6”x6” Wood Sleepers

Option 3 – 2” Thick Concrete Pavers

Regardless of the foundation system that you select, keep these two primary objectives in mind:

  1. Create a solid-level platform that will resist movement due to seasonal weather conditions.
  2. Elevate the sauna no less than 2″ above the ground level. This is done to prevent the cedar floor frame from premature deterioration.